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Step 2: Enter tournament details

Once you've submitted payment, complete the following form, verify that all information is correct, then click on the "submit" button.  You should delete any sample information and replace it with your own information. 

You cannot use this form to modify an existing tournament in our database. If you need to make a change to a listing, please follow the instructions here.


All tournament information must be entered using this form.  We do not accept new tournament information by email or telephone.  

If you need help on any field entry, click on the adjacent link.

Note: PLEASE DO NOT POST DUPLICATE RECORDS IN OUR DATABASE!   Your posting may take up to 5 days to be approved.

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By pressing the submit button below, you hereby confirm that the information given above is accurate to the best of your knowledge.  You furthermore agree to hold ACAhoops.COM harmless and not liable for any information you have posted on this website.

Please be aware that we are able to track the computer address of any submission.  We work with all law enforcement agencies to prosecute anyone that makes fraudulent postings.

ACAhoops.com reserves the right to refuse to post tournaments for ANY reason including confusing information on the posting, past problems with tournaments, lack of cooperation with the ACAhoops.com directors, or any other matters.

Please note

ACA Hoops, LLC provides this information for your convenience, but does not recommend or promote any of these tournaments, team links, camps, clinics, leagues, or businesses.  ACA Hoops, LLC assumes no liability for these tournaments, teams, camps, clinics, or businesses as to safety, trustworthiness of promoters, accuracy of information, or ANY other matter. Click here to read our full disclaimer.