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Modify a Tournament Listing

There is no automated way to modify your tournament information once it has been posted. To modify or delete the information for a tournament that you have already posted, e-mail the modification request to acahoops@yahoo.com.  Be sure to provide the EXACT information as currently posted on the website.

Modification requests must be emailed from the same email address as listed on the existing posting.  Please allow up to 7 days for changes.  And PLEASE, don't submit trivial changes such as prize changes or price deductions right before the start date.

Cut and paste the following form into an email, complete the information, and send us the request.


Modification Request Form

Exact Name of Tournament as currently posted:  
Dates of Tournament as currently posted:  
Gender (boys, girls, or both):  
City/State as posted:  
Changes Requested:








Please provide all of this information as we have over 10,000 tournaments in our database and several tournaments even have the same names (such as March Madness, Spring Fling, or Summer Classic).  When you send us changes, it is NOT obvious which state you are from or which tournament gender you represent.

Modification requests must be emailed from the same address as listed on the record.


Please note

ACA Hoops, LLC provides this information for your convenience, but does not recommend or promote any of these tournaments, team links, camps, clinics, leagues, or businesses.  ACA Hoops, LLC assumes no liability for these tournaments, teams, camps, clinics, or businesses as to safety, trustworthiness of promoters, accuracy of information, or ANY other matter. Click here to read our full disclaimer.